Inspired by the dedication of store team members and franchisees to their communities and the pure love of feeding people, we established the Marco’s Pizza Foundation in 2022. At the Marco’s Pizza Foundation, we believe pizza can be a powerful source for good to lift people up whether it’s feeding hungry bodies or hungry minds.


Rise Together: to grow as a business by lifting people up.


We exist to bring people together to nurture and nourish the communities we call home through 4 foundational pillars:

School & Education:

Education is the measure of a healthy community, and nutrition is critically important for a child’s ability to learn effectively. Schools continually need quality, affordable options for lunches and classroom rewards.

Hunger-Prevention & Nutrition:

Marco’s Pizza has 40+ years of experience in the food service space, giving us the necessary resources to address hunger and nutrition issues in our communities.

Workforce Development:

We’re happy to serve our communities with quality employment options and training that prepare individuals to be great contributors and achieve their career goals.


As a franchisee-focused organization, we’ve seen entrepreneurship change lives and communities and we have a lot to share with those who are interested in starting and owning their own businesses.


At Marco’s, we’ve got each other’s backs. We’re committed to exceptional food, service, and our communities. We are a collective of individuals, whose sum is more powerful than any one of us alone. Together, we can create meaningful change. Let’s restore faith in the power of a collective of individuals. Let’s rise together.


Our franchisees have a history of making meaningful contributions to their local communities. Franchisee Chamal Kahanawita decided to turn a negative into a positive by offering to provide The Colony, TX food bank free meals after his store was robbed. His generosity inspired others across the country, including TV hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.


The Board of the Marco’s Pizza Foundation ensures we are operating with a diverse perspective toward a common goal of strengthening the communities we serve. We are proud to have a Board made of committed Marco’s executives, team members, franchisees, and long-time advocates of the brand.
  • Stephanie MoseleyPresident

  • Rod SandersVice President

  • Whitney KeelerTreasurer

  • Ron BessSecretary

  • Tony LibardiBoard Member

Let’s Rise together