Marco's School Challenge

Is your school up for the challenge?

How It Works:

  • Your school will be listed on your local Marco’s Pizza Online Ordering site.
  • When parents/friends/neighbors order online they simply add your school to the order.
  • When parents/friends/neighbors call in or walk in an order the order taker will add your school to the order.
  • Pizza Points will be earned for every online order, any day or time during the school year. Pizza Points for Called In or Walk In orders will only be earned on the Designated Marco’s Pizza Night Fundraiser Date for your school.
  • Each school, based on number of students, will have a point factor that makes it fair so schools of all sizes can participate and each school has an equal chance of winning.
  • Online Orders will be worth 5 Pizza Points times your schools Order Factor. Called In and Walk In orders will be worth 2.5 Pizza Points. ORDER ONLINE.
  • Pizza Points earned will be updated monthly and communicated to the schools.
  • For more information, or to learn about other fundraising opportunities, click here.


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