We have great leaders among our Marco’s franchise owners. Meet two of them.

Marco’s franchise owners have been featured recently thanks to their leadership and innovation

Marco’s Pizza has experienced tremendous success as a franchise system in recent years, thanks in no small part to our exceptional franchisees. We’re not a brand that approves anyone with a check to write. Marco’s franchise owners are chosen, in part, for their exceptional leadership skills.

Franchisees have especially been tested in 2020. We’ve watched as they’ve pulled together as a team, stepped in to lift up their communities and collectively helped Marco’s Pizza experience record-breaking sales weeks during a pandemic. Two of our franchise owners were featured recently. Here are their stories.

A great time for growth

A selfie-style image of Stephanie Moseley wearing a Marco's-branded green polo shirt and a grey Marco's-branded hat.

Stephanie Moseley

Air Force veteran Stephanie Mosley opened her first Marco’s in Newport News, Virginia, in 2018, and she faced some uphill challenges. It wasn’t until she shored up her team that she started seeing spectacular results, she told Black Enterprise. She just opened her second unit in Suffolk, Virginia, and she’s planning to build another five or six Marco’s locations over the next three years. 

An excerpt from Black Enterprise:

When you were approached by corporate to purchase an existing second location nearby, what was your decision process on saying yes, and how is it performing now?

That was an easy decision, but it was frightening because we are in the middle of a pandemic. As restaurants started closing around me, I didn’t know what to expect. But once we saw our sales climbing, I knew that we had the right business model at the right time, and I needed to seize on that. I knew that Marco’s would do well in both a good and bad economy and I am honored to be able to safely provide a high-quality product to families as they navigate their new normal.

The second store had a good general manager in place, so I appreciated that. We made some changes using some of our lessons learned at the Newport News location, and in May we started seeing [strong] revenues in Suffolk…

Top-performing franchise owner

Utah Area Representative Jacob Webb experienced some surprising success mid-pandemic: In June, Utah franchises were reporting substantial sales increases over last year. It’s the sort of thing that’s been happening a lot with Marco’s this year as we’ve been able to seamlessly pivot to contact-free delivery and pickup.

Jacob Webb

Jacob Webb

In an interview with Franchise Times, Webb, who is also a Marco’s franchise owner with nine stores in the Salt Lake City area, said, “Now is the time to invest. The brand has embraced innovation that will drive results for years to come.”

The article continued:

Webb is following his own advice. He recently signed leases for three additional restaurants and as the area rep has three new franchisees also building units, with the goal of having 17 total open by the end of the year. “That’s making us the fastest-growing group in Marco’s,” said Webb, who’s been a franchisee for six years.

Marco’s year-over-year sales have been booming, and Webb and his group represent some of our top systemwide results. Webb will also be testing pre-fabricated kitchen pods.

Franchise Times wrote that Webb likes the idea of the pods because they are:

“…built specifically for takeout, walk-up and delivery service, with no dine-in seating, parts of the business Webb believed will only grow as social distancing becomes standard for consumers. 

Plus, he said, because franchisees own the pods, ‘it’s very appealing to add that asset to your balance sheet.’”

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