How the Booming Franchise Industry Strengthens Marco’s Pizza® Franchise

The rapidly growing pizza franchise is thriving as the franchise industry records record-breaking growth

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Marco’s Pizza® is rapidly expanding across the nation as more and more entrepreneurs decide that our proven business model can provide a meaningful life for them and their families. We take our role as franchisor seriously: Marco’s Pizza President and Chief Operating Officer Bryon Stephens recently proved this commitment during an episode of Undercover Boss, where he traveled the country to find out how he could improve the pizza franchise and the lives of franchise owners and their employees. Our commitment to our franchisees is based upon the opportunities that franchising can bring, which is why we are pleased to report that the franchise industry has never been stronger.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) recently published its annual overview, Franchise Business Outlook: 2016, which reports that the franchising industry “will once again grow at rates that exceed non-franchise business growth in 2016.”

The franchising industry’s growth isn’t good news just for entrepreneurs who are seeking a worthy brand with whom to franchise, but it’s important for the entire economy overall. The IFA reports that, “[In] the past five years, the average annual job growth in the franchise sector was 2.6 percent, nearly 20 percent higher than all businesses economy-wide. Over the last five years the franchising sector has added nearly 1 million jobs to the economy.”

“We are forecasting that for the sixth consecutive year, franchise businesses will grow at rates that exceed the economy-wide growth of industries where franchises are concentrated,” IFA President & CEO Robert Cresanti says in a news release. “Franchise businesses are showing tremendous capability to provide new jobs for working families and new businesses for first-time business owners across all sectors in local communities, despite the fact that franchisees are facing many new regulatory threats at all levels of government.”

Franchise Business Outlook: 2016 is full of highlights that showcase the strength of the industry overall and detail how much stronger franchising is compared to the rest of the economy:

  • Franchise businesses will have 3.1 percent growth in jobs, adding 278,000 direct jobs to the economy this year for a total of 9.1 million.
  • The number of establishments will grow this year by 13,359, or 1.7 percent, to 795,932.
  • The IHS Economics forecast of output growth in nominal dollars for franchise businesses will increase this year by $52 billion, 5.8 percent, to $994 billion.

What makes Marco’s Pizza a top franchise opportunity?

Marco’s has enjoyed stunning growth in recent years and is on pace to have 1,000 restaurants open by the end of 2017. The dynamic pizza franchise rolled out 113 new franchises in 2015 and has recently announced plans to open 150 more locations in 2016. The industry has taken notice: Marco’s Pizza has the fastest unit growth, according to Nation’s Restaurant News, which named the beloved pizza franchise as part of its Second 100 List. That list analyzes businesses that are smaller but are focusing on growing around the nation.

Marco’s Pizza prides itself on its pizza — handmade in the Italian tradition, using fresh, never-frozen cheeses, making the dough in stores daily and using only premium meats and vegetables. The brand’s proven business model and sustainable growth have been heralded by the likes of Forbes, Consumer Report, Nation’s Restaurant News, Franchise Times and now Entrepreneur with inclusion of Marco’s Pizza on the Franchise 500 list for 2016.

“Many of our franchisees were consumers first; 100% of the people in our organization are here because they love our product,” says Cameron Cummins, Chief Development Officer for Marco’s Pizza. “If you serve a great-tasting pizza, the business will follow. In our industry, you are only as good as your last pizza, and our customers keep buying from us because our pizzas taste better.”

Build your success on ours

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, in 1978, Marco’s has become one of the fastest-growing pizza franchises in the nation. Our homemade recipes and fresh ingredients are in the Italian tradition, and we are the only top 20 pizza franchise in the country that was founded by a native Italian. We are led by veteran pizza executives who have experience growing brands and supporting franchisees as they grow their businesses.

Marco’s Pizza is seeking quality franchisees who are committed to making their franchises places where customers want to buy fresh, delectable pizza — welcoming, friendly individuals who remember customers’ names and are passionate about the Marco’s product. The investment required to start a Marco’s Pizza franchise is typically $350,000. The pizza franchise is looking for people who have a net worth of $350,000 and a minimum liquidity of $100,000.

Previous restaurant experience is not necessary to open a Marco’s Pizza. The company’s team of veteran pizza executives has experience growing brands and is always ready to help franchisees throughout their careers.

Learn more about Marco’s Pizza

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