Path to 1,000 stores: Franchisee Travis Davis

Multi-unit, multi-brand franchisee maintains a growth mindset amid a pandemic

Travis Davis, a native Texan, was one of four candidates in the running for Marco’s 1,000th location. He plans to open five locations with Marco’s in 2020. While the pandemic posed significant challenges for small business owners across the globe, Travis and his business partners, who own almost 50 Sonic® drive-ins, thought it was critical to remain focused on the long-term vision – to not let this moment in time be the end of time. 

Travis Davis stands in front of a Marco's Pizza counter in his store

Travis Davis

“The first rule in having the ability to maintain a growth mindset is the put your people first and have a strong team in place to help you actualize your growth goals,” said Travis.

Travis discovered Marco’s Pizza while traveling with his daughter at a softball tournament in College Station, TX. He and his partners were looking for a pizza brand to diversify their franchising portfolio. He gave Marco’s a call, and they developed a co-branded site inside one of his Sonic locations to start.

“Marco’s provides a very cost-effective, sound investment opportunity for us,” said Travis. In fact, he and his partners have signed a 20-unit agreement to expand the Marco’s footprint across Texas.

“The pandemic forced us all to realize the value in not only preparing for the future but acting on it sooner. Therefore, the timing was right to invest and be aggressive with growth plans,” said Travis.

As leaders of a people-centric organization, he understands that it is their people who make their business successful. Amid the chaos, it was as simple as prioritizing the physical and financial health of the team via a “People-First” mentality. This resulted in collaboration, ownership, empowerment and innovative thinking.

“With the right team in place, you can remain focused on growth and accelerate long-term goals, adjust and push forward. As a multi-unit, multi-brand operator, it quickly became evident that there was tremendous value in having a diversified portfolio to allow for balance and stability during times of uncertainty,” Travis said.

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