Advantages of a Pizza Franchise Over a Sandwich Franchise

Advantages of a Pizza Franchise Over a Sandwich Franchise

Thinking about buying a sandwich franchise? You may want to reconsider. Learn why and what makes a pizza franchise a better investment.

How to Choose a Restaurant Concept

When choosing to invest in a restaurant franchise, you’ll want to do your research on which franchise concepts are right for you. Consider the following: The concept or brand should fit your personality, serve your community’s needs and sell popular food items. In addition, the startup costs should be within your budget.

Not all franchise opportunities are created equal. Some can have more growth potential than others. Two frequently considered businesses include pizza and sandwiches.

The Potential Disadvantages of Sandwiches

You may be considering owning a sandwich franchise. Before you decide, find out if sandwich sales really cut the mustard. You might be surprised by the potential disadvantages you discover. Here are five:

  • Vulnerable to recession. The sandwich industry just didn’t pivot fast enough when the pandemic hit. The nation’s leading sandwich chain reported more than 1,500 closures between 2020 and 2021.
  • Limited hours. Sandwich chains tend to do their biggest business at lunch because most people want something hot for dinner. That equals fewer dayparts to drive sales and traffic opportunities for franchise owners.
  • Limited menu options: Sandwich restaurants don’t usually offer a variety of menu options for their customers. They sell sandwiches and not much else. But pizza franchises offer diners variety, selling not only pizza, but salads, desserts and subs, too, attracting a broader range of customers.
  • Consumer Preference. Sandwiches are never going to be the top go-to for life’s celebratory moments: after the Friday night game, at a watch party, anytime there’s a crowd of hungry kids to feed. Pizza is the food America chooses most often to celebrate with, and if you’re considering a food franchise, you’ll want to choose the most popular food for your business. And since 72% of Americans say they could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a pizza franchise can be a good bet.
  • Tired concept. With the sandwich leader in decline, investing in a stronger restaurant segment is a smarter move. Getting in on a constantly expanding area of the market with an emerging brand means your business will stand out.

Marco’s Pizza: On the Rise

If you want to choose a restaurant concept primed for success, look for growth brands. Marco’s jumped from No. 133 to No. 99 in just one year on the Franchise Times 2021 Top 400 list. Additionally in 2021 Marco’s Pizza became the fifth-largest pizza brand based on sales, having more than quadrupled our footprint since 2010. We plan to have 1500 stores open by the end of 2023. According to FRANdata’s 2021 FUND score, Marco’s Pizza is in the top 1% of all evaluated franchise systems and is among the top three scores for all QSR brands. The brand received the highest FUND rating in the pizza category and the second highest across all categories.  In 2022, Marco’s is on track to achieve the billion-dollar brand milestone.

It all started with Marco’s founder Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco who sought to create authentic Italian pizza using the fresh, high-quality ingredients he remembered from his childhood in Italy. He proved to be a forerunner, anticipating the current consumer demand for high-quality and convenient food.

A pizza franchise that’s rapidly gaining market share and recognition with the support of national advertising, Marco’s now has over 1,000 franchise locations open across the US, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico, and continues to expand at a rapid pace. Now is the time for new franchisees and prospective multi-unit investors to invest in one of the fastest-growing pizza franchises in America.

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