Marco’s Pizza® ranked among Best Customer Service brands

Our award-winning pizza franchise is renowned for how our pizza tastes. Now, Marco’s is being recognized for our great customer service, too

An overhead view of a pizza topped with pepperoni. Spilled peppercorns, a crust of oil and shakers of cheese and red pepper flakes can also be seen around the pizza on a rustic wooden table.

Being known for amazing pizza is our thing. Marco’s Pizza, in our humble opinion, is far and away the best tasting pizza. Now, to add to the list of Marco’s franchise awards, we are proud to be known for outstanding customer service as well. Marco’s Pizza was one of three pizza chains that claimed a spot in Newsweek magazine’s 2019 America’s Best Customer Service awards.

“As we examined the larger, impersonal forces that are transforming retail, it seemed like a good time to recognize a more personal factor in business success: the ways in which many companies nurture their relationships with consumers,” Newsweek wrote. “We worked with Statista, the respected global research firm, to collect and analyze data across 141 retail categories. The compiled rankings reveal the best customer-service companies.”

The methodology

Statista compiled results from a sample of over 20,000 U.S. consumers who “either made a purchase, used a service or gathered information about a product or service in the last three years,” the research firm wrote. “Each customer gave their evaluation of several brands: In total, 132,954 evaluations have been collected. The brands awarded have each received on average close to 100 evaluations from customers.”

The top three scorers in each of 141 categories were designated Best Customer Service brands. For the final score, each brand’s Net Promoter Score counted for 50%, while survey results, based on six criteria, accounted for the other 50%.

Someone’s hands sprinkle shredded white cheese atop an uncooked pizza on a pizza peel.

Great + great = great

Great pizza combined with bad service is useless. You don’t need a Yelp! review to tell you that. You’d honestly be better off with mediocre pizza and great service. Luckily, Marco’s doesn’t have to settle for that.

Since the beginning of our brand in 1978, we have relied on the same recipe for sauce that our founder, native Italian Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco, developed in the beginning. We have always followed The Italian Way, which means making the dough fresh in every store daily, using the best possible ingredients and never compromising on quality. That’s all part of our Hello Primo® branding, and as evidenced by our Best Customer Service award, consumers get it.

Join our growing brand

For 40+ years, our focus has been on making customers happy, and we do that by making sure we remain one of the best pizza franchise brands around. You can learn more about the Marco’s franchise opportunity by exploring our research pages or download our franchise report for more in-depth details.